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Travel Guide to Honduras

Travel Honduras - Travel Guide - Tropical Discovery

Map of the Area

Travel Honduras - Travel Guide - Tropical Discovery
  • Tegucigalpa
  • 112,492 km2 (43,433 sq mi)
  • Average high 28°C (83°F) low 23°C (73°F)
  • UTC (GMT) -6 hrs
  • The Lempira (HNL) L23.4 = $1 USD.
  • Spanish
  • 8,866,351 (2017)
  • 14°6′N 87°13′W

Welcome to Honduras

Quite rightly, the reefs are called “the rain forests of the sea,” home to over 4,000 different types of fish and thousands of species of plants and animals. In Honduras, the reefs are pristine, the water is crystalline, the biodiversity and beauty of the flora and fauna unsurpassed. Honduras also hosts 15 national parks, 2 biosphere reserves, and 10 biological reserves. Among the most unexplored and extraordinary national parks is Pico Bonito, located just 3-kilometers from the Caribbean coastal town of La Ceiba. Class V white-water rafting/kayaking on the Cangrejal River and jungle trekking surrounded by primeval jungles and rare fauna, are among the adventure-filled possibilities awaiting the fearless voyager at Pico Bonito National Park. Couple all this with is world-famous archaeological Mayan site Copán near the Guatemala border, no doubt one of the Maya World's most beautiful as well as perhaps the best-preserved and most-studied archaeological sites in the world, and you have it all!!

Copan Maya Ruins Honduras - Travel Guide - Tropical Discovery

The best of Honduras

Diving, Beaches, Garifuna, Relaxation, Maya History, Tropical Forest, Wildlife and adventures abound


Honduras has a rich colonial legacy. Its churches, forts and ancient homes are a clear example. Over the past few decades, Honduras has also enforced strict measures to protect its natural resources. Today, these efforts have paid off, with more than 7 million acres of protected land, including 15 national parks, 2 biosphere reserves and 10 biological reserves safeguarding more than 200 bird and 20 mammal species.


Travel Guides to each region of Honduras

Copan Maya Ruins Honduras - Travel Guide - Tropical Discovery



Honduras' colonial history dates back to the year 1502 in the port of Trujillo. That's were Christopher Columbus became the first European to reach continental soil, on his last voyage to the New World. The location marks the beginning of a trend that lasted more than 300 years and created a variety of cultural and architectural displays. Places like Comayagua and Tegucigalpa in the center of the country, Omoa and Trujillo in the Caribbean coast, Choluteca in the Pacific and Gracias in the eastern region are some of the best examples. Civil, military and ecclesiastical structures throughout the national territory still stand as silent witnesses of three centuries of Spanish domination. Located in the western region, Gracias, the capital of the department of Lempira, is an important part of Honduras' cultural legacy. It's considered the best-kept colonial city in the country. Gracias is part of the Lenca Route, a tour that visits the Lenca indigenous towns that remain true to their traditions and also boast unique colonial architecture. The Lencas are actually the ancestors of the Mayas. They lived between the year 9,000 and 2,000 B.C, which leads some historians to believe that this culture cemented the true roots of Honduras' society.


Safety Tips

When traveling to any tourism destination you should always take some precautions. Follow our advice for a safe and pleasant visit Honduras!

  • Keep an eye on your luggage and don't ask strangers to watch it for you.
  • Carry a copy of your passport with you. Make sure it has your picture and date of entry to Honduras.
  • Keep your passport, return ticket and money in a safe place.
  • If using traveler's checks, write down the numbers and keep them separate.
  • Carry only the amount of cash you need for the day.
  • Keep a low profile with your video and photo cameras.
  • Remember that all taxies must be clearly identified.
  • Ask and negotiate the fare for your ride.
  • Exchange money in a bank or your hotel, never on the street.
  • Keep your wallet on you, in a safe place.
  • Try not to carry cash (remember that businesses in Honduras accept credit cards).
  • Tipping is normal in tourism related activities and services.
  • If you buy souvenirs, remember that negotiating the price is common practice in the country's markets.
  • If you rent a car, remember to carry your driver's license, copy of your passport and rental contract.
  • Obey by minimum and maximum speed laws.
  • Remember that using drugs or drinking and driving is strictly forbidden.
  • Wear your seatbelt at all times.
  • If a traffic officer (wearing a uniform and identification) requests it, stop the car.
  • Don't stop for strangers hitchhiking or waving on the street.
  • In case of an accident, wait for the traffic officer. Don't move the car from the exact spot of the accident.
  • Leave your car in a parking lot, never on the street.
  • Don't leave valuables in the car or in plain sight of passersby.
  • Be sure to lock all doors and close windows.
  • Follow only the clearly marked trails in parks.
  • If going on walks, form pairs or groups.
  • Don't touch or hurt plants and animals in the area.
  • In the beach, ask your hotel's front desk about dangerous areas, tides and undertow. Make sure there's a lifeguard on duty
Heaven in Roatan - Central America Vacations Packages - Tropical Discovery

The best of Honduras

Diving, Beaches, Garifuna, Relaxation, Maya History, Tropical Forest, Wildlife and adventures abound

Please, visit each region to find Day Tours offered by Tropical Discovery:


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Hotel Plaza Copan

Hotel Plaza Copan Copan Mayan Ruins Honduras

It is strategically located to explore the Mayan ruins and the natural attractions of the Copán Valley.

avg/night$65.00 SELECT
Luna Beach Resort

Luna Beach Resort Bay Islands: Roatan & Utila Honduras

The resort offers a perfect alternative for the traveler looking to get away from the crowds and still enjoy nightlife.

avg/night$82.00 SELECT
Casa del Arbol

Hotel Casa del Arbol Downtown La Ceiba & Pico Bonito National Park Honduras

Hotel Casa del Arbol in the heart of San Pedro Sula represents a different option for the modern executive traveler and lover of the coastal culture.

avg/night$85.00 SELECT
La Casa Rosada

La Casa Rosada Copan Mayan Ruins Honduras

La Casa Rosada Bed & Breakfast is a Spanish colonial style inn, decorated with antiques and local fine art.

avg/night$90.00 SELECT
Clarion Copan Ruinas

Clarion Copan Ruinas Copan Mayan Ruins Honduras

The Hotel Clarion Copan Ruinas offers the most complete array of services in the Copan region, and the friendly, highly-trained staff will ensure your stay is a memorable one.

avg/night$90.00 SELECT
Quinta Real

Quinta Real La Ceiba La Ceiba & Pico Bonito National Park Honduras

Located right on the Caribbean Ocean, in the charming port of La Ceiba, Honduras, the Hotel and Convention Center Quinta Real was designed to offer all the comfort which will make your stay as pleasant as you deserve.

avg/night$107.00 SELECT
Paradise Beach Hotel

Paradise Beach Hotel Bay Islands: Roatan & Utila Honduras

Located on one of nature’s perfect beaches and nestled in verdant, mature, tropical gardens our family run resort was tastefully designed with the discerning traveler in mind.

avg/night$113.00 SELECT
Hotel Marina Copan

Hotel Marina Copán Copan Mayan Ruins Honduras

This beautiful hotel has been at the heart of the Copan Experience since 1945.

avg/night$118.00 SELECT
Real InterContinental San Pedro Sula

Real InterContinental San Pedro Sula La Ceiba & Pico Bonito National Park Honduras

The Hotel Real InterContinental San Pedro Sula is certificated as the only five star hotel in the country by the Honduran Tourism Institute.

avg/night$125.00 SELECT
Henry Morgan

Henry Morgan Hotel & Beach Resort Bay Islands: Roatan & Utila Honduras

The juxtaposition of light and shadow, natural timbers and ancient Caribbean architecture grant Henry Morgan Resort at West Bay Beach, Roatan, a unique atmosphere.

avg/night$129.00 SELECT
anthonys key resort

Anthony’s Key Resort Bay Islands: Roatan & Utila Honduras

For over 30 years, Anthony’s Key Resort has been serving up the spirit of adventure with relish, including diving spectacular reefs, interacting with dolphins, hiking beautiful gardens, and much more while never forgetting comfort or hospitality.

avg/night$161.00 SELECT
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