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Travel Guide to Alta & Baja Verapaz, Guatemala

Map of the Area

  • 8,686 km2 (3,354 sq mi)
  • 54°F to 83°F rarely below 49°F or above 89°F
  • UTC (GMT) -6 hrs
  • Guatemalan Quetzal at Q7.16 Quetzal = $1 USD.
  • Spanish
  • Alta Verapaz Department (2013) 1,183,241
  • 15°30′N 90°20′W

General Information About Verapaces Region

Natural Paradise of Alta and Baja Verapaz, a place of Rivers, Caves, Cloud Forest & Rare Animals

The misty and pine covered mountains of the Alta Verapaz region and the hot, dry-tropic climate of Baja Verapaz make for beautiful and divers sceneries in this central-eastern region of Guatemala. Imagine yourself swimming with the fish in the natural pools of Semuq Champey or bravely exploring the many secrets of the caves in this area. Hike through lush cloud forests to see some of the more than 50 different types of orchids and bromeliads that call the valley their home and look out for spider monkey, tigrillos or the rare Quetzal bird. Heaven on earth for nature lovers and those looking for adventure.

Verapaces Region - Main Attractions - Tropical Discovery

Main attractions in Verapaces Region

This region consists of the two territorial divisions Alta Verapaz and Baja Verapaz. Alta Verapaz has a cold climate and is generally covered by a thick fog which makes for the unique cloud forest vegetation. There are several small lakes, beautiful landscapes and huge caves or caverns. Alta Verapaz offers several tourist attractions for ecotourism and adventure. The climate and terrain in Baja Verapaz in parts is almost desert-like, but it also holds various lovely rivers and waterfalls and is home to the rare Quetzal bird. For more information on the region, please click below.

Verapaces Region - Main Attractions - Tropical Discovery



The city was founded by Dominican friars in 1543. It received the title of an imperial city by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. The name Cobán originates from the Q'eqchi', the town's second language. There are several interpretations, one of which is Cob An (foggy place). In 1599 Cobán became bishop's see. The Ferrocarril Verapaz, a railway which connected Cobán with Lake Izabal, operated from 1895 until 1963 and was a symbol for the wealth in this coffee-growing region those days.


Salama is Baja Verapaz capital. Baja Verapaz houses the Mario Dary Biotope Preserve, preserving the native flora and fauna of the region, especially the endangered national bird of Guatemala, the Resplendent Quetzal.

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Visit Guatemala - Nature and Adventure Tours by Tropical Discovery
  • 2 nights in Antigua (Guatemala)
  • 2 nights in Atitlan
  • 1 night in Antigua (Guatemala)
  • 2 nights in Coban-Veraparces (Semuc Champey)
  • 2 nights in Peten (Tikal)
  • 1 night in Guatemala City (Departure)

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Casa Duranta Verapaces Region Guatemala

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