Cahal Pech

Cahal Pech Maya Ruin & Museum

Cahal Pech (“Place of Ticks”) is located on the outskirts of San Ignacio at a short 10 minute walk from the center. The Cahal Pech Museum offers displays of various different educational writings, models and other items found.

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM Cave)

An ancient domain awaits you when you enter into the ATM cave, you’ll take a trip back in time, to the time of the Maya Civilization, you’ll go on to see areas where ceremonies and rituals were held by the Mayas in order to please their gods. Apart from the Maya aspect of it, you’ll also get to see the dynamic features in the cave such as the stalactites and stalagmites. 

Image of two gray stone pyramids at Caracol in Belize.


Caracol is one grandest and most profound site in all of Belize. You’ll get to witness just how vast the Maya Civilization was and you’ll be in awe to see the massive structures. It takes approximately 2 hours to get there, but the ride will be worth it with all the beauty of nature surrounding you.

Tropical Wings Nature Center

If you love butterflies, then the Tropical Wings Nature Center is a place you will want to experience. It is located a few miles from San Ignacio, in San Jose Succotz village, and is a ‘must see’ place for butterfly lovers. Here you will be able to walk in the screened housing area built especially for their care, and get to see and experience plants and butterflies in all their stages.

Xunantunich, ancient pyramid in Belize.


Xunantunich (Maiden of the Rock), is the second tallest Maya ruin in Belize. It is located about a mile across the Mopan River, in San José Succotz, a village in the Cayo District. Pronounced “Shoo-nan-too-nich”, it means “Stone Woman” in the Maya language. The “Stone Woman” refers to the ghost of a woman alleged by several people to have inhabited the site.