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Tropical DiscoveryTropical Discovery

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Activities in Toledo District


Belcampo Lodge

Perched in the verdant hills above the Caribbean coast of southern Belize, the lodge is a self-contained sanctuary from the everyday world.


The Lodge at Big Falls

The Lodge at Big Falls is situated close to Punta Gorda, on the banks of the Rio Grande river, in Belize's southern Toledo District.


Cotton Tree Lodge

Nestled between unspoiled rainforest and the banks of the Moho River, Cotton Tree Lodge offers a tranquil retreat on 100 private acres in the undiscovered Toledo District.


Things to Do

Toledo District, Belize - Main Attractions - Tropical Discovery

Main Attractions in Toledo District, Belize

Hiking and Camping

Hiking is truly the best way to experience what a tropical forest is. Your senses will be inundated. You will see every shade of green; smell life and decay; feel the humidity and mud; hear the continuous hum of insects; and taste the heart of palm.

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