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Activities in Southern Guanacaste


Casa Chameleon

Casa Chameleon is situated on the magnificent remote southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Malpaís, Costa Rica


Hotel Punta Islita

Hotel Punta Islita is a secluded paradise of spectacular ocean views, charming luxury, and exciting activities underscored by a genuine commitment to responsible tourism.


The Harmony Hotel

The Harmony Hotel is located at Playa Guiones, one of the best surf spots in Nosara and Guanacaste and one of them most beautiful beaches at the same time. The water like the air is an inviting 80ish degrees all year round.


Sol Samara Hotel

Hotel Sol Sámara is located within walking distance of Playa Sámara and very close to Puerto Carrillo Beach, two of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica and Central America.


Things to Do

Southern Guanacaste Costa Rica Main Attractions - Tropical Discovery

Southern Guanacaste Costa Rica Main Attractions

Barra Honda National Park

Located 22 kilometers northeast of Nicoya, this park’s 2,295 hectares protect an important geological feature: a system of calcareous caverns with stalactite and stalagmite formations. At 450 meters high, Barra Honda hill is made up of ancient coral reefs pushed up out of the earth by tectonic faults. Around 19 caverns have been explored. Terciopelo is most accessible and is open to the public. Its stalactites and stalagmites are formed by calcium carbonate in the cavern ceiling dissolving upon coming into contact with water. The park offers parking, drinking water, outhouses, lodging, information, trails and viewpoints showing landscapes of the Río Tempisque. Continue reading


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