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Activities in Outer Cayes & Atolls


Blackbird All inclusive Resort

Blackbird is a unique resort that combines pristine Caribbean waters, unspoiled natural beauty and uncommon personal service to create an idyllic tropical island retreat.


Hotel St. George’s Caye Resort

St. George's Caye Resort is an exclusive, Canadian owned and operated resort nestled on a private residence island. Though only seven miles by boat from the shores of Belize City, it feels miles away from everything.


Things to Do

Outer Cayes & Atolls, Belize - Main Attractions - Tropical Discovery

Main Attractions in Outer Cayes & Atolls, Belize

Glover’s Reef Atoll

Line of small islands in the ocean view from the plane.

Named after the pirate, John Glover, this gleaming paradise is also a World Heritage site known as Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve. It lies about 70 miles southeast of Belize City, and is the southern most and secluded of the atolls. Boaters, sailors, divers, and explorers escape to this palm-fringed beauty to indulge in its unspoiled magnificence. 15 miles long by 4 miles wide, Glover’s Reef Atoll is a treasure chest filled with hundreds of coral patches and miles of sheer drop-offs. Adding to its distinctiveness are the many shipwrecks, some dating back four centuries ago, found along the eastern side of the atoll. It is a diving paradise, equally embraced by snorkelers, kayakers, fishers, and campers.

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