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Activities in Northern Puntarenas


Costa Rica and all its splendor

Costa Rica and All its Splendor (10 days/9 nights tour)

  • 1 night in San Jose (Arrival)
  • 2 nights in Arenal Volcano area
  • 2 nights in Monteverde Cloud Forest
  • 3 nights in Manuel Antonio (Northern Puntarenas)
  • 1 nights in San Jose (Departure)


Costa Rica Highlights (8 days/7 nights tour)

  • 2 nights in San Jose
  • 2 nights in Arenal Volcano area
  • 3 nights in Quepos (Manuel Antonio NP)



Arenas del Mar Resort

The resort is beautifully situated on a cliff above Espadilla Beach with its white sand beaches and the sparkling Pacific Ocean.


Clandestino Beach Resort

The Clandestine Beach Resort hotel is located in the central Pacific region of Costa Rica in a large stretch of sand that forms this wonderful continental island almost unique, beautiful and wild beach with coconut palms.


Hotel Villa Caletas

Villa Caletas is located in the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica between Herradura and Punta Leona, on a jungle hilltop.


Alma del Pacifico Beach Hotel & Spa

Located along beautiful Playa Esterillos Este, in Costa Rica's breathtaking Central Pacific region.


Florblanca Resort

Positioned on the Pacific Coast of the Puntarenas peninsula, Florblanca’s spectacular location sets a mood all of its own.


Moana Lodge

Moana is a small private luxury ocean view hotel. During your vacation you'll encounter high quality modern hotel suites and rooms that blend comfort with style leaving you with an unforgettable personal experience.

Si Como No Resort

Si Como No Resort

We call it "Si Como No", an ideal balance of design and comfort placed within the rain forest of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.


Things to Do

Northern Puntarenas Costa Rica - Main Attractions - Tropical Discovery

Northern Puntarenas Central Pacific Region Costa Rica Main Attractions

Isla Guayabo, Islas Negritos and Isla de los Pájaros Biological Preserves

Access is restricted to these islands in the Gulf of Nicoya due to their unique ecological conditions. Guayabo is a solid sedimentary rock, seven hectares in area, with a maximum altitude of 50 meters. Covered with trees, thorny plants and coyol palms, the island is a nesting ground for the laughing seagull, the brown booby, the frigate bird and the largest brown pelican population in Costa Rica.
Islas Negritos are two volcanic rocks featuring tall headlands. Their 80 hectares shelter a semi-deciduous forest, refuge to frigate birds, laughing seagulls, brown boobies, parrots, white-tipped doves and brown pelicans. Because of their location in the Gulf of Nicoya, these islands and Guayabo may be seen from cabotage and tourist vessels on the way to Paquera and Islas Tortugas. Isla de los Pájaros has a rounded dome shape. Only four hectares in area, the island is made up of sedimentary rock and features a tropical dry-to-wet forest where pelicans, frigate birds and brown boobies nest. It is a short distance from Costa de Pájaros.

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