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Activities in Mountain Pine Ridge


Cayo District, Belize - Main Attractions - Tropical Discovery

Belize Beaches and Mayan Wonders (10 days/9 nights tour)

  • 3 nights in Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize
  • 3 nights in Peten, Guatemala
  • 3 nights in Placencia, Belize

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in Belize

Belize Highlights (7 days/6 nights tour)

  • 3 nights in Mountain Pine Ridge
  • 3 nights in San Pedro (Ambergris Caye)

Beautiful island in Placencia

The Magic of Belize (7 days/6 nights tour)

  • 3 nights in Placencia
  • 3 nights in Mountain Pine District



Lamanai Outpost Lodge

Lamanai Outpost Lodge is situated on the banks of a 28 mile long spring fed lagoon amid the remnants of a major Maya city.


Chan Chich Lodge

Located on a 130,000 acre private nature reserve in northwestern Belize, at the heart of "La Selva Maya", this is a unique destination for serious eco-tourists and novices alike.


Blancaneaux Lodge

Nestled in a region of pristine forests, Francis Ford Coppola's Blancaneaux Lodge offers modern comforts in an entirely self-sustained jungle sanctuary.

Hidden Valley Inn

Hidden Valley Inn

A place where you can enjoy the simple pleasures of quality accommodations, fine food, and attentive service, a place– where you can walk into a world unspoiled by man and experience a unique contact with nature.


Things to Do

Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize Main Attractions - Tropical Discovery

Main Attractions in Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize

Caving in Barton Cave, San Ignacio, Belize.

Barton Creek Cave:

Located just beyond the Mennonite settlement it is named after. It is a remote underground water cave system lined with large and colorful formations, skeletal remains and other cultural artifacts left behind by the Maya centuries ago. It can be explored in canoes that are equipped with strong spotlights. 

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