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Personalized Central America travel services

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers the perfect vacationing experience, surpassing their every expectation, from the time they first make contact with Tropical Discovery Services until the end of their vacation.

Our Vision

Our motto is, “In Variety We Delight”, and we feel that you will delight the variety also. Let us share with you our love for this fascinating and incredibly diverse region and appreciate the uniqueness and beauty each country has to offer.

Our Team

We will receive you in Central America; hence you are dealing directly with the source. This in return means lower costs for you and excellent personalized Central America travel services, all in an effort to guarantee you a carefree vacation.

Our Prices

Our ‘Pricing Policy’ is to be completely transparent, itemizing each cost so you know exactly what you are being charged, for each service rendered. You simply make one payment to a trusted US based company and you are done.

Exclusive Deals

Completely transparent, itemizing each cost so you know exactly what you are being charged.

Call Within USA

Call us in the US or Guatemala to do all the reservation work for you.

On Site Advisor

As experts in the Central American region, we can provide valuable advice.

Carefree Holiday

Expert advice, timely and professional service until the end of your vacation.

First Class Service

Providing you the perfect vacationing experience.

Travel Guides

Basic information, history, pictures, culture and safety tips for each region offered.

The Best Accommodations

Greatest selection of hotels, spas, villas, guides and private transportation.

Sample Tours

31 Sample tours to choose from or we can customize the one just for you.

Awesome Destinations

Be awed by the world’s most impressive Mayan sites and nature diversity of Central America.

SSL Encryption

Secured transactions when booking online.

How Tropical Discovery Works?


1. Explore Destinations

Browse through the Travel Guides or search Tours by destination.

2. Check Availability

Enter your date of interest and people traveling.

3. Book Online

Follow the checkout process to reserve your space and to let us know you are coming.

4. Get Ready to Fly

We will confirm everything and get ready to receive you.

Travel insurance for tours and vacations

Travel Guard International

Thank you for you interest in Travel & Cancellation Insurance, provided by our excellent insurance partner Travel Guard International.

There are hundreds of circumstances that could cause you to cancel your trip, return home early or force you to seek emergency medical treatment while traveling. To demonstrate the importance of purchasing travel insurance, and emergency travel services, click below for 10 common examples of what could go wrong.

Ideally suited for Tours, Tropical Discovery recommends either of the two following options:  (click on the tabs)

“Cruise, Tour & Travel”

Our premier package plan for travelers who want our most comprehensive coverage and Central America travel services when they travel. Provides our highest limits of medical coverage plus additional benefits when purchased within 15 days of your initial trip deposit, including coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, financial default, and “Change Your Mind”.


Our most popular package plan for travelers who want our standard coverage, suitable for most vacation and Central America travel services. Provides additional benefits when purchased within 15 days of your initial trip deposit, including coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and financial default.

To order or for detailed coverage & pricing info, please click any of the logos below:

For “Cruise, Tour & Travel”:

For “ProtectAssist”:

Simply enter the state you are in (enter “International” if anywhere outside the US), then enter the trip cost per person (simple divide Total invoiced amount by the number of persons in your group) and the age per person.

Should you need any assistance, or would like us to do it for you, kindly contact us at (888) 575-1639.

Or feel free to call Travel Guard directly, kindly making reference to Tropical Discovery Services as your agent (Agent #: ARC 84969) at (800) 826-4919.

Thank you!

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