Sensuous Guatemala - Golden tones - Tropical Discovery

Sensuous Guatemala – Golden tones are around all year

uatemala didn’t have enough gold in the ground to please the Spanish conquistadores. They just needed to look around more—gold is where you find it, and there is plenty of gold to find in the landscape, on the people and in the skies. Golden tones are around all year, but this is a special month […]

Antigua Guatemala – Time Travel – The best deals in town

Want to spend a contemplative hour or more for a few quetzales? Stimulating or serene. Take your pick. Place yourself in La Antigua Guatemala’s glorious past. Muse among the silent stones. Wind your way along the walls and wonder. Antigua Guatemala Time Travel For more than 200 years, artists and craftsmen from Spain cut and […]

sitios turísticos en Guatemala

Exporing Rio Dulce – A Journey through Sweet Waters

Exploring Río Dulce – Past and Present easuring a mere 42 kilometers from source to mouth, Río Dulce is hardly one of Central America’s great waterways. However, despite its small size the river has attracted a great deal of attention over the past 500 years. Conquistadors, scientists, pirates and adventurers have all passed through in […]

Historic sites Guatemala, Belize on global watch list

he Mayan ruins of Quiriguá in Izabal and El Zotz in Petén, as well as the historic architecture of Belize City, have been included on the World Monuments Fund (WMF) 2012 Watch, a list of cultural heritage sites around the world at risk of damage or destruction from a variety of threats. With a mission […]