The Marimba A Guatemala National Symbol

ame the Guatemala national symbols: the flag; the Quetzal bird; the Ceiba tree; the Monja Blanca flower; and one more, let’s see… The Marimba. It was declared the national instrument in 1978, and in its honor a monument was erected in Quetzaltenango. In January 1999, by Decree 31-99, the Congress of the Republic declared the […]

Ciudad Vieja – The Dancing Devils of December

A Guatemalan Tradition evils prowl the streets of Ciudad Vieja every December in search of corrupted souls to take down into the fiery pits of Hell, but rather than locking themselves inside their homes, town residents come out to watch and cheer these red-clad fiends. They are the stars of the Baile de los 24 […]

Sights and Sounds of Christmastime in Guatemala

hristmas colors in Guatemala don’t stop with red and green, and dreams of a white Christmas must also include the entire rainbow. Yes, the brilliant red poinsettias and fragrant green pine needles, the ripe red berries and deep green leaves of the coffee trees, give all Central America the traditional Christmas colors of much of […]