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La mejor fuente de información de tours en Centroamérica Esperamos que les guste nuestro nuevo sitio web de Tropical Discovery diseñado para facilitar la información sobre los tours en Centroamérica que usted está buscando. En particular, esperamos que le guste la sensación del diseño que está específicamente destinado a ser fácil de navegar y que [...]

Diving in Belize – The Politics of Hunting Fish

Diving in Belize:  A trip report from the BlueJacket ighthouse Reef has always been a very special place to Sue and I. It’s an absolute jewel in the Caribbean with fantastic diving. Other than Bonaire we haven’t found any place that compares to it. Three live-aboard dive boats and many day-trip dive shops make their […]

Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Natural Reserve – Life After Captivity

he Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Natural Reserve in Copán is a nine-acre paradise nestled in a narrow canyon carved by a river of crystal-clear waters. The owners, Lloyd Davidson and Pat Merritt, have rescued more than 20 species of rare birds that are sheltered here in huge aviaries. Towering trees, gorgeous flowers, including a […]

Sensuous Guatemala - Golden tones - Tropical Discovery

Sensuous Guatemala – Golden tones are around all year

uatemala didn’t have enough gold in the ground to please the Spanish conquistadores. They just needed to look around more—gold is where you find it, and there is plenty of gold to find in the landscape, on the people and in the skies. Golden tones are around all year, but this is a special month […]

Antigua Guatemala – Time Travel – The best deals in town

Want to spend a contemplative hour or more for a few quetzales? Stimulating or serene. Take your pick. Place yourself in La Antigua Guatemala’s glorious past. Muse among the silent stones. Wind your way along the walls and wonder. Antigua Guatemala Time Travel For more than 200 years, artists and craftsmen from Spain cut and […]

Ixpanpajul Natural Park

t Ixpanpajul Natural Park in Petén you can swing through the trees, go mountain biking, horseback riding, or just swing in a hammock. Ixpanpajul sits on 450 hectares of nature preserve Safari truck used for the nightly Spotlight Tour Swinging through the jungle treetops on the Tarzan Tour. It occurred to me just before stepping […]

The Marimba A Guatemala National Symbol

ame the Guatemala national symbols: the flag; the Quetzal bird; the Ceiba tree; the Monja Blanca flower; and one more, let’s see… The Marimba. It was declared the national instrument in 1978, and in its honor a monument was erected in Quetzaltenango. In January 1999, by Decree 31-99, the Congress of the Republic declared the […]

Ciudad Vieja – The Dancing Devils of December

A Guatemalan Tradition evils prowl the streets of Ciudad Vieja every December in search of corrupted souls to take down into the fiery pits of Hell, but rather than locking themselves inside their homes, town residents come out to watch and cheer these red-clad fiends. They are the stars of the Baile de los 24 […]

Sights and Sounds of Christmastime in Guatemala

hristmas colors in Guatemala don’t stop with red and green, and dreams of a white Christmas must also include the entire rainbow. Yes, the brilliant red poinsettias and fragrant green pine needles, the ripe red berries and deep green leaves of the coffee trees, give all Central America the traditional Christmas colors of much of […]

A Night Like No Other: the night peace broke out in Guatemala

A Night Like No Other: An eyewitness account of the night peace broke out in Guatemala — 10 years ago this month hristmas in Guatemala came four days late in 1996. Maybe that is why the electric tree was still switched on, the one that goes up each December as a Yuletide foil to the […]