Want to spend a contemplative hour or more for a few quetzales? Stimulating or serene. Take your pick. Place yourself in La Antigua Guatemala’s glorious past. Muse among the silent stones. Wind your way along the walls and wonder.

Antigua Guatemala Time Travel

For more than 200 years, artists and craftsmen from Spain cut and chiseled and molded
the magnificent architecture of the capital of the Kingdom of Spain in Guatemala, then the extensive province from Chiapas, Mexico to Panama. Earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions did their destruction. But building and rebuilding continued until 1773, when those in charge said, “Enough” and drew the curtain on La Antigua Time Travel.

View of ruin of colonial church in Antigua – Guatemala

Some of the significant ruins that you will see in your Antigua Guatemala Time Travel have been reconstructed or faithfully restored in recent years. Visits to the convents of Las Capuchinas and Santa Clara, the school of San Jerónimo and the monastery of La Recolección are bargains for tourists, even at the current price of Q30 per visit (Q15 for students). Locals still pay only Q2. There is no guide, but the price includes a brochure. Be sure to ask for it.

Entrance to the ruins of the Cathedral,on the other hand, is just Q3. The ticket says it is the “most important colonial monument in the country.” One can easily spend an hour or two under the arches, following the free floor plan. The building is now under reconstruction, so this opportunity for a peek into the past may not last long.
Stand in the royal chapel and speculate. Who stood on the same spot 300 years ago? Examine the design of the fallen pillars. Find the water lines in the grass of the archbishop’s palace and imagine the sounds of the fountain that once was. Trace the remains of geometric patterns that decorated the walls.

Or, climb the stairs of the ruins of the San Francisco church for just Q5-and have some of the best views of the volcanoes. These ruins are among the oldest of the city and perhaps the only ones from the 16th century. Sit on the as-yet-unexcavated mounds. Wander what were the corridors of a sophisticated educational complex and classrooms where law, philosophy and physics were taught 350 years ago. Enjoy what remains of the windows and domes, the vaulted brick ceiling under which Franciscans may have dined long ago. See the stains of smoke that rose to escape through the cúpula of the kitchen. Marvel at the remnants of figures in fresco, the patches of terra cotta and gold that have stayed. Come away from the world of today and treat yourself to a massage of the mind. Antigua Guatemala Time Travel could be the best deals in town.

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