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Totoco Eco-Lodge

Pacific Coast & Ometepe Island
Callejon de la Palmera, 800m arriba, Balgüe, Nicaragua

Totoco Eco-Lodge, Ometepe Island’s most unique and environmentally responsible hotel. With private and shared accommodation to choose from, Totoco Eco-Lodge caters for everyone. Our exclusive lodges are designed for the traveler who wants to experience nature without sacrificing comfort and convenience while our dormitory ensures even the more budget conscious traveler is able to enjoy a taste of Totoco.

Totoco brings responsible entrepreneurship, sustainable land management and community development together in a new model for Eco-Tourism.

Situated at 200 meters elevation at the gateway of Maderas Volcano’s cloud forest, Totoco Eco-Lodge is surrounded by all things natural. With panoramic 320 degree views, the Ecolodge enjoys vistas unrivaled by any other hotel on the island! The Totoco Eco-Lodge property itself comprises 15 acres and includes its own Organic Farm while bordering the property is one of the island’s premier organic shade-grown coffee plantations.

We try to embody the ‘People, Profit, Planet’ approach through 3 dedicated organizations. The Eco-lodge is a for-profit responsible business offering 8 exclusive private lodges as well as a swimming pool and a bar & restaurant where daily fresh food is prepared in a microwave-free kitchen. The views are spectacular and the virgin forests and shade-grown coffee plantations of the Maderas Volcano Biosphere Reserve are at your doorstep.

The Foundation runs health, education and micro-finance programs in our local community while our Organic Farm has reforested our property with over 2000 trees and has a diversified home garden where we practice animal husbandry, maintain vegetable gardens and experiment with alternative techniques such as aquaponics. We employ 21 people across these three organizations and we have been operating for about 8 years now. Martijn Priester and Patricia Pillet co-founded the project with 2 other friends and were the managers until Feb 2017. Since then Jolita Blyžyte and Miquel Vila are the managers. All of our other team members come from Ometepe.

Amenities of Totoco Eco-Lodge

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Things to Do

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Totoco Eco-Lodge

Totoco Eco-Lodge Pacific Coast & Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

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