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The Harmony Hotel

Costa Rica
Southern Guanacaste
Guiones Beach, Provincia de Guanacaste, Nosara, 5233, Costa Rica

The Harmony Hotel is located at Playa Guiones, one of the best surf spots in Nosara and Guanacaste and one of them most beautiful beaches at the same time. The water like the air is an inviting 80ish degrees all year round. Pizotes, monkeys, ospreys and armadillos thrive in the rich protected green zone that buffers Playa Guiones from anything man made. At the Harmony, comfort meets effortless sustainability. Here guests can enjoy the rare luxury of knowing that the beauty they see goes further than grass deep. The very landscape is designed to thrive on limited natural resources and organic gardening practices, and the plant positioning creates an inviting habitat for different animal species. The Harmony also seeks out unique ways that an ecological approach can actually enhance guests’ experience. For example, the spigot by reception offers purified, fresh rainwater that provides enough drinking water to last throughout the dry season. The Harmony is a real life labor of love and its beauty reaches far beyond skin deep. The owners Susan and John hope that this love of theirs will be an experience all guests of the Harmony can share.


The open air restaurant at the Harmony seats 40 guests in a stylish but casual atmosphere that draws upon 70’s surf culture, Brazilian Modernism, and old school tropical resorts.

Taking its cue from a harmonious way of living, the kitchen cooks up local organic seafood, fruits, and vegetables. This means a menu of options flavored by the exotic likes of wild ginger, taro, banana, plantains, mango, coconut and of course, black beans and rice.

In addition to the main restaurant at the Harmony, La Cafeteria provides vegetarian tapas, fresh squeezed juices and herbal teas. Like the restaurant, they use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Tucked among the trees and wildlife between the hotel and the future spa, La Cafeteria’s rancho-style pitched thatch roof and open-air structure is an ancient form of native architecture that is still popular today. It’s said that people from Bali landed here hundreds of years ago and brought this style of architecture with them.

Amenities of The Harmony Hotel

• 24 accommodations reside on a path that meanders through a tropical garden overflowing with native vegetation and leading to the ocean. Rooms and bungalows are available. • Closest to the pool, each Cocos Room opens onto its own private, enclosed back patio that is equipped with a heated shower and seating area. An overhang allows for enjoying the outdoors in the shade. • Just off the beaten path, each bungalow welcomes with an open layout and comfortably furnished seating area. From here, the room extends to a raised floor with an inviting bed. Each bungalow also includes a front deck and rinse shower. At the rate of two bungalows, a double bungalow with adjoining rooms is also available. • Cocos Rooms and bungalows come with a king size bed, refrigerator, air conditioning, ceiling fans, a laptop-sized safe deposit box and a coffee maker. • Salt water swimming pool (The water is clear and silky because of a system that gradually converts salt into a natural form of chlorine. The salt presence is subtle.)

  • FAN
  • WI-FI

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• Full a la carte breakfast • One yoga class per person/stay

• Government tax of 13% • Additional charges such as telephone, laundry, restaurant, and bar must be paid at checkout time.

As agents for this hotel, our rates are the same or lower than hotel’s lowest published rates, guaranteed!!!

Things to Do

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Southern Guanacaste Costa Rica Main Attractions

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The Harmony Hotel Southern Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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