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Sailfish Oasis Lodge

Pacific Coast
Cañadas de Likin 3, Calle Principal, Lote 15, Puerto de San Jose, Esquintla 05009, Guatemala

The Sailfish Oasis Lodge, sitting on the edge of a canal overlooking mangroves, is the perfect place to relax after a long day of fishing. This spacious, private property boasts an incredible outdoor area with lush gardens, an inviting pool, and boardwalks to your private air-conditioned bungalows. In the evenings, guests gather at the open air bar and restaurant to share fish tales and to dine on delicious food, including prime U.S. beef, grilled jumbo shrimp, mouthwatering ceviche, and dorado and yellowfin sashimi. Sharing a drink overlooking the pool at rancho bar is a great way to get to know fellow anglers.

Our fleet often releases 30 sailfish a day during peak fishing season and has a year round daily average of 15-20 releases. Anglers will enjoy calm waters and the benefit of a friendly fishing community, where captains are in constant communication to ensure everyone has an unforgettable fishing experience.

The team at Sailfish Oasis Lodge is dedicated to ensuring our clients have the sport-fishing experience of a lifetime from the moment you arrive in Guatemala until you return home. From skilled captains and crew, to enthusiastic trip coordinators, private chauffeurs, and hotel staff, our team is excited to share this first-rate fishery with you.


At Sailfish Oasis Lodge we are passionate about delicious food and high quality wine. All meals are made with care using only the freshest ingredients from local markets & growers. Beef is imported USDA certified. The Sailfish Oasis Lodge is very fortunate to have giant shrimp, ocean fresh mahi-mahi and succulent lobster right at the doorstep. The onsite Chef visits the shrimp boats early each morning to ensure the freshest seafood possible. Enjoy delicacies such as yellowfin tuna sashimi, ocean fresh pan fried mahi-mahi with a sauce of butter, wine and toasted almonds and giant shrimp marinated in ginger & sweet chili sauce. Accompany your delicious meals with a glass of wine of an outstanding selection of grape varieties from a range of different countries including Italy, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand for your tasting pleasure.

Amenities of Sailfish Oasis Lodge

• Spacious bedrooms with either a King size bed or two Queens, featuring luxurious linens and pillows • Bathrooms featuring step in showers and spa type bath products • Open air restaurant and bar


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