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  The hacienda and private nature reserve offers an abundance of different trees, plants, birds, insects and mammals. All of the guided tours support local community members and help the conservation of the forest and the acquisition of more land to be conserved and reforested. Your interest in Nicaragua’s nature and culture as well as the reforestation and organic agriculture at the Hacienda help to spread the word about sustainable development and train more locals. There are a variety of nature tours exploring the Hacienda’s different ecosystems such as primary tropical dry forest, secondary forest, hardwood plantations, pastures, untouched beaches, hills overlooking volcanoes, Lake Nicaragua, the Pacific Ocean, and agro tourism based tours where you can learn about reforestation, life in a hacienda or a traditional sugar mill. Furthermore, a day trip to nearby colonial Granada, active volcanoes and artisan villages is highly recommended, should time permit.  

Please find below tours and activities offered by the lodge:

  • Meet your guide at the lobby and take a short walk down to the beach to "Los Ranchitos", the place where the estuary meets the ocean. Enjoy a relaxing experience and learn about the flora and fauna of the mangrove. We promise to have you back in time for breakfast. Duration: The duration depends on the season: summer (dry season) is 1 hour and winter (rainy season) 2 hours Difficulty level: Medium. / Group cap: 8 pax. / $ 40 per person
  • Meet your guide at the lobby and take a short walk down to the beach to "Los Ranchitos", the place where the estuary meets the ocean. Enjoy a great colorful sunset on the Pacific Ocean and have an amazing time bird watching (flycatchers, kingfisher, herons and egrets) Duration: The duration depends on the season: summer (dry season) is 1 hour and winter (rainy season) 2 hours Note: Because of natural conditions, this tour is sometimes closed during both seasons (some times for lack of water and some times because of too much water). Ask our guides for more information. Difficulty level: Medium. / Group cap: 8 pax. / $ 40 per person
  • Leave the lobby at 7:00 a.m., take a short walk down to "Los Ranchitos" and meet Carlos and the rest of the ECO I crew. Share with our local fishermen a typical day and try to catch a fish, dive for a lobster or take a swim in the middle of the ocean. It is important to be on time because fish don't wait! The sunnier and hotter it gets, the deeper fish go in the water. Duration: 3 hrs. Difficulty level: Medium. / Group cap: 6 pax. / $ 50 per person
  • Leave the lobby after lunch and visit our seedbed. Pick your own tree and learn about the different techniques used in reforestation and tree plantation. Plant a tree in Morgan's Rock tropical dry forest reserve and have a picture taken with you. Duration: 3 hrs. Difficulty level: Easy. / Group cap: 6 pax. / $35 per person / $ 20 per additional tree
  • Leave the lobby in the morning and join our guide into a unique walk designed for you to learn about a little piece of the history of our country. Our guide will teach you about the inter-oceanic canal that "never was". Plus, get to enjoy the most beautiful view in Morgan's Rock. Don't forget your camera. Duration: 2 hrs. / Difficulty level: Medium. / Group cap: 6 pax. /$ 30 per person
  • In the morning take a ride in one of our vehicles to "La Piedra del Indio", where this experience begins. Take a walk into our private reserve and learn about the flora and fauna of the dry forest and its importance to the world. Discover about the situation of this ecosystem in our country, deforestation and illegal hunting. Duration: 2 ½ hrs. Difficulty level: Medium to difficult. / Group cap: 6 pax. / $ 35 per person
  • Morgan's Rock is more than just a hotel. It is a project of nature conservation, community development and reforestation offering Agro- and Ecotourism at its best. Our guide will take you through an extensive tour of the Hacienda where you will get to visit our future butterfly farm, located near the forest reserve. Our goal is to be able to host over 50 different species of native butterflies. Learn about the different stages in the insect's lifecycle from caterpillar to cocoon and butterfly. Duration: 4 hrs. / Difficulty level: Medium. / Group cap: 8 pax. / $ 35 per person
  • Food does not grow in supermarkets - no, really! Most of the products that we serve at Morgan's Rock are produced on our Hacienda and you have the opportunity to learn all about it. This is called "Agro tourism." Rise early and depart from the hotel to the farm. Milking the cows, picking up eggs and preparing a typical hearty breakfast at the house of the animal caretaker is the first part of the tour. We then visit all the animals, the various fields of citrus plantations and finish with a visit to the butterfly farm and the flower gardens. You return to the hotel after a visit to the fruit trees and a sampling of the fruits in season. Perfect for kids! Duration: 3 ½ hrs (including breakfast) Difficulty level: Medium. / Group cap: 8 pax. / $ 35 per person
  • Leave the lobby in the afternoon and take a short ride to El Trapiche, our local sugar mill. In there, learn about the process to obtain brown sugar out of the sugar cane. Don't forget to taste Morgan's rum! (Offered only during the dry season due to sugar cane's seasonality) Duration: 1 ½ hrs. Difficulty level: Easy. / Group cap: 6 pax. / $ 30 per person
  • In one of our vehicles take a ride to the stable, our caballeriza . Once there you will meet Don Jesús, our horse trainer. He is going to suggest what horse you can ride. When you are ready, you are going to enjoy an incredible ride through different ecosystems. And end up at the beach! Note: we suggest you bring long, loose pants to ride our horses. Duration: 2.5 hrs. (includes ride to the stable) Difficulty level: Medium. / Group cap: 4 pax. / $ 45 per person
  • Meet our guide at the lobby; to go on this hike and appreciate one of the most exciting places in the Hacienda. This is the perfect way to see some of the dry forest animals. During the dry season you can experience what a real bed of the river is like in the dry forest, and during winter you will see the interaction of the water and different species. Duration: 2 hrs. Difficulty level: Medium. / Group cap: 6 pax. / $ 25 per person
  • Jump into one of our mountain bikes and enjoy a great trail, you will encounter up and down hills and flat areas. This is the perfect work-out and it is fun too. Duration: 2 ½ hrs. Difficulty level: Medium to difficult. / Group cap: 6 pax. / $ 40 per person
  • After sunset, walk with our guide into the night and enjoy a different view of the forest. Be ready to experiment a whole different perception. You will also enjoy some of our local ghost stories. Duration: 1 ½ hrs. Difficulty level: Easy to medium. / Group cap: 6 pax. / $ 30 per person
  • During turtle season (seasons vary, but normally from Aug - Jan), leave a notice at the reception if you would like to be awoken by our night guard in case a sea turtle comes to the beach to lay her eggs during your stay. We will inform you of the possibility of turtle nests hatching (45-47 days after they have been laid). You will explore the beach at night on your own and at the same time watch the babies get to their new home! Note: Turtles are very sensitive to light. They could get lost and never come back to our beach. Please do not take flashlights with you and do not use cameras with flashes. Free of charge.
  • After an early breakfast, get on one of our yachts. All the boats have proper safety equipment and during your trip you will have on board a captain, mate, bait, tackle, soft drinks and beer on board. Crews are professional and accommodating, loaded with a lifetime of local fishing knowledge, but eager and willing to try new different techniques. All captains have basic knowledge of English, especially with regards to their trade. As part of our commitment to sustainable development and preservation Morgans Rock strongly supports the practice of catch & release for all bill fish and non-edible catches. Our crews are knowledgeable and experienced in how to correctly release fish to ensure the highest probability of survival. Pricing: Half or full day boat rental. Please inquire for details
  • Relax after your day activities and treat yourself to a relaxing massage surrounded by forest and overlooking the Pacific Ocean . Please give us 24-hours notice should you desire a massage. Our masseuse is available Monday - Friday in the mornings. Duration 50 minutes. / Real Easy. / $50 per person.
  • Explore a deeper sense of connection through Yoga. Meet your instructor at the reception and head down to the yoga platforms for 1.5 hours of morning stretching, strengthening, and overall awakening on the pristine and peaceful beach of Morgan's Rock. All levels welcomed! Bring a towel, you're likely to sweat. The instructors are available for private sessions throughout the day. Please check at front desk for yoga classes schedule and prices.

Activities That You Can Do By Yourself

  • If you enjoy being on your own for a while to explore the nearby forest and beaches, stop by the front desk and pick up the hand made map that will guide you through this trail for you. Follow the signs along the way. You will be going down to the beach, following the estuary into the primary forest and circling back to the hotel.
  • Enjoy yourself on a Kayak (rent for day $15, half day $8).
  • Workout in the dry forest on a bike (rent for $10)
During a walk around the property you might want binoculars to spot different animals. We have binoculars available at the lobby. Ask for them at front desk! (Rent for full day $15, half day $9)  

Other Activities In The Region:

  • Visit the Mombacho Natural Reserve and its tropical cloud forest, a paradise for nature lovers. We will take you to the top of this extinct volcano, 1150 meters above sea level. Explore the nature trail around one of the craters, with incredible views to Granada , Lake Nicaragua & the "Isletas". After a typical Nicaraguan lunch, we will visit the colonial city of Granada , founded as the first city in continental America in 1524 featuring classical and neo-classical buildings, antique churches and horse-drawn carriages! The tour ends with a boat ride on Lake Nicaragua to explore some of the 365 small islands called "Isletas" that are remains of an eruption of the Mombacho volcano. Duration: about 9 hours Price per person $160
  • Visit the Masaya National Park featuring the active Masaya Volcano. You can walk right up to the volcano and take a look down into the crater. Continue on to the city of Masaya and its famous handicraft market featuring wooden products, hammocks, leather products, ceramics, paintings and much more. Enjoy a typical Nicaraguan lunch after visiting the Catarina lookout over the Apoyo crater lake and go on to visit the home of Nicaragua 's best ceramic manufacturers in San Juan del Oriente (Los pueblos blancos). Finish your day with a visit to the colonial city of Granada , founded as the first city in continental America in 1524 featuring classical and neo-classical buildings, antique churches and horse-drawn carriages! Duration: about 9 hours Price per person $160
  • Nicaragua is a surfer's paradise. During your stay at Morgan's Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge you will have the opportunity to arrange at our tour desk one of our boats that will take you to nearby surfing beaches. Morgan's Rock does not have surf boards for rent but in nearby San Juan del Sur rentals are available. One of the most popular surfing spots in Nicaragua is Popoyo, located a few beaches from Morgan's Rock where you will find various surf breaks ranging from hollow, A-frame beach break to super fun, classic point breaks, to critical outer reef breaks. These surf breaks benefit from Nicaragua 's permanent Santa Ana condition, and enjoy offshore winds over 300 days per year. Pricing: Boat rental to surf spots available in nearby San Juan del Sur or drive to the nearest spot
  • The waters off the Nicaraguan coast are famous for great fishing. Depending on the tide and weather conditions, the sport fishing excursion leave right from the beach at Morgan's Rock. The inshore Pacific waters off the Nicaraguan coast are teeming with a wide variety of fish such as rooster fish, sierra mackerel, jack crevalle, bonito, hound fish, snapper, grouper, snook, and blue trevally. The rooster fish average 40 lbs with the occasional monster. If you choose not to run offshore you can try for sailfish at La Piedra de Brito, a small hump, located ten miles from San Juan del Sur. Occasionally you will run into dorado, yellowfin, tuna and wahoo there, although not nearly as abundant as offshore. Offshore you will encounter blue, black, striped marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and dorado. The prime months out of San Juan del Sur are from May through November. Our fast boats will quickly get you offshore and back. Offshore fishing consists of running 30 plus miles to get to the humps and the drop. We are billfish and game fish friendly, so we practice catch and release with all billfish.
  • Our diving operations are currently handled by a diving company based in San Juan del Sur, located just 20 minutes south of the lodge. If you plan to dive at Morgan's Rock for a day, depending on the weather conditions, we can either arrange a beach pickup right in front of the hotel or take you by taxi to San Juan del Sur.The diving conditions on the southern coast of Nicaragua are similar to the ones in Costa Rica's Guanacaste province. You may see lots of dolphins, manta rays and other rays, groupers, bull sharks and the occasional whale shark. Depending on the season, you may be fortunate enough to see one or more of the various species of whales which frequent these waters. Because the area is previously unexplored by divers, lobsters and other small sea life, such as shrimp, octopi and seahorses are also abundant.In addition, a nature preserve, where Leatherback and Green Olive Ridley turtles come to lay their eggs by the thousands, is located only 22 kilometers south of San Juan del Sur, so the likelihood of seeing these creatures is high, especially during the egg laying season from October to December. Water temperature is generally between 75 and 82 degrees F, and visibility ranges from 40 to 80 feet or more. The best visibility is generally in the dry winter season from November through May.
Rates for Diving, Snorkeling and Surfing Trips: Please find below approximate rates that a diving operator from San Juan del Sur has quoted. These prices are subject to change. Boat Dives (including all equipment): 1-tank dive for $45, 2-tanks dive for $80 (per person with 2 person minimum and 8 person maximum). Snorkeling Trips (including equipment)/Coastal Tours : $160 for 4 hours (price is for 4 people; $35 for each additional person with 8 person maximum). * Please note: Information on this page is believed to be correct but not guaranteed * Inquire for recent prices and schedule  

Please find below more information about attractions in the area: