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Mayan Princess Beach Resort is the first choice for discerning travelers. Located on the lush and beautiful island of Roatan, the resort is an easy flight from U.S. gateway cities, and only a 20 minute ride from the Roatan International Airport. One of the last great Caribbean destinations, Roatan offers the ultimate access to the world’s second largest barrier reef system making it a paradise for divers and nature lovers alike. Have a look at the various activities offered to explore this lovely setting...

  • Roatan's spectacular reefs offer something for everyone, from students to experienced divers. Mayan Princess Beach Resort is within 2 to 20 minutes of more than 35 dive sites, providing easy access to one of the most diverse populations of coral and fish in the Caribbean. Visibility ranges from 75 to 150 feet; water temperatures from 78 to 84 degrees. Seas are usually calm and there is little or no current. West Bay and nearby West End have numerous shops that offer dive instruction and certification. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you make arrangements.
  • An amazing marine park where you have the opportunity to see in there natural habitat a big variety of giant turtles as well as nurse shark, eagle rays, lobsters and other amazing animals. Price: $15 per pers.
  • Snorkelers can swim and play with dolphins during a 30-minute session in the shallow waters surrounding Bailey's Key. Minimum age 13. Price: $120 per pers.
  • Participants enter Bailey's Key lagoon from the gently sloping beach and wade into waist-deep water. This encounter requires no swimming skills, and is ideal for small children, the elderly, and anyone who wants to interact with dolphins. This is a great photo opportunity. Price: $75 per pers.
  • Fun for everyone, from babies to grandmas! The reef is right at your doorstep - you won't want to miss this spectacular natural wonder. Rent masks, fins and snorkels at the Mayan princess Beach Bar & Grill. Price: $20 per pers.
  • Great for those who enjoy snorkeling but would like to explore greater depths. You will be connected to your snuba diving boat by a long tube allowing you to breath normal air while at the same time swimming underneath the water and staying there for longer time than you could just holding your breath. No experience necessary. Price: $55 per pers.
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    Roatan, Honduras -  Gumbalimba Insectarium Sign located at Gumbalimba Park.

    This new West Bay attraction is a must with a variety of activities as a 300 ft. hanging bridge over a lagoon, a extensive bird collection that includes different specious of macaws. The birds are trained to be free and interact with the visitors to the park. Price: $25 per pers.
  • A great way to explore our gin-clear seas within the protective reef. Price: $25
  • Cruise the reef for wahoo, barracuda, tuna and snapper or chase the elusive bonefish and tarpon. Price: upon request
  • View the wonders of the reef without getting your feet wet. Price: $35 per pers.
  • Take a hike on the wild side among tropical trees, orchids & exotic spices along with birds, wildlife and magnificent views, too. Price: $10 per pers.
  • See these exciting creatures up close in their natural surroundings. Price: $10 per pers.
  • Enjoy this fun water sport with a group or your family. Bouncing up and down and getting wet while the power boat pulls your "banana" through the water. Price: $30 per pers.
  • Enjoy a ride along the beach. Price: $50 per pers.
  • The Roatan Butterfly Garden enables you to meet a wide variety of these colorful inhabitants of the Bay Islands as well as birds and parrots on an ecotouristic walk through the garden. Price: $10 per pers.
  • Experience Roatan's beauty on this tour to the island's touristic and natural highlights. Price: Half day tour $80 per pers. / Full day tour $100 per pers.
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    The transparent Caribbean sea of Cayo Lambí, the marine reserve of Cayos Cochinos, archipelago of Cayos Cochinos, region of Atlantida, Honduras. Italy and Spain use this location to shoot their reality show Celebrity Survivor ("Supervivientes" in Spanish, "L'Isola dei famosi" in Italian)

    One should not leave Roatan without having visited the Cayos Cochinos with their crystal clear waters, great snorkeling and the lively Garifuna culture and traditions to be found there. A 1.5 hour boat ride takes you there. All-inclusive tour; offered Thursdays and Fridays. Price: $160 per pers.
  • The village of West End, just a short ride by water taxi from West Bay, offers its visitors a variety of restaurants, bars, souvenirs, and dive shops. At night a lot of bars and restaurants have live music and the international cuisine offered in the many restaurants will surely hold something for every taste. Price: Day time $25 per pers. / Night time $30 per pers.

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