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Hotel Nitun Eco Lodge

Tikal & Peten

Nitun Eco Lodge is the true definition of what a deluxe jungle eco-lodge should be. It is located in the most pristine area of enchanting Lake Peten Itza, right in the heart of the Peten jungle, and one hour from Tikal National Park. The lodge is exquisitely architected with wood and rock cabins thatched with palm leaves, each with its own private bathroom with hot and cold water. All are furnished with handcrafted lamps and beautiful cotton bedspreads and carpets made by Guatemalan artisans from the different indigenous communities. Original paintings copied from Mayan vases and murals by local artists can also be found throughout. The social area is composed of an open kitchen, dining room, bar and loft area, all in a natural setting with view of the jungle and lake.


Breakfast: Breakfast is served any time during the day. Our daily breakfasts include fresh fruits and fruit juices, cereals, eggs and beans in many styles, pancakes, toasts (French or with homemade jam), and many other delicious treats like wild honey. Natural or black tea and export coffee is basic to start your days in the jungle!

Lunch & Dinner: A fantastic assortment of meals are offered… “Energy” Salada, Pastas, Pork Chops and Tenderloin, Chicken, Fish & Seafood, Vegetarian meal, Wok dishes, Daily deserts, excellent local Teas & Coffee & fine assortment of wine, spirits and beer.

Amenities of Hotel Nitun Eco Lodge

• Four wood and rock 50 meter cabins furnished with handicraft lamps and beautiful cotton bedspreads • Each room with private terrace providing a beautiful view of magical Lake Peten Itza. • Private bathrooms with hot and cold water • Large dining area serving meals, a bar area, and upper loft area with view of lake and jungle for relaxation • Conveniently located 1 hour from Tikal National Park • Complete breakfast served either in your room or in open dining area • Fabulous lunch and dinner menus serving an assortment of local and international cuisine.

  • BAR
  • FAN
  • WI-FI

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• Breakfast • All taxes (tourism tax of 10% & VAT of 12%) • Transportation to & from lodge/airport • Unlimited internet access in internet room

• Additional charges such as telephone, laundry, restaurant, and bar must be paid at checkout time.

As agents for this hotel, our rates are the same or lower than hotel’s lowest published rates, guaranteed!!!

Things to Do

Tikal and Peten Region - Main Attractions - Tropical Discovery

Main Attractions in Tikal and Peten Region, Guatemala

Ceibal Plaza Ceibal This archaeological site is 12 kilometers east from the municipal district of Sayaxché. It is located near La Pasión River, at 220 meter above sea level. Ceibal was the largest settlement during the Late Classical Period and had great power over the west margin of the river due to its favorable location,

Nitun Eco Lodge

Hotel Nitun Eco Lodge Tikal & Peten, Guatemala

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