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Hotel Marina Copán

Copan Mayan Ruins
Avenida Centroamericano, Copan Ruinas, Honduras

This beautiful hotel has been at the heart of the Copan Experience since 1945. Overlooking the Central Plaza in the charming town of Copán Ruinas, Honduras, the Hotel Marina Copan was named in honor of Doña Marina Welchez, and built on the site of her family home nearly 60 years ago. A Copan tradition, this was Copan’s original hotel, home to generations of Maya investigators and enthusiasts. Today, a modern hotel that jealously guards the town’s colonial architectural heritage, the Hotel Marina Copan is the most comfortable and convenient base for exploring the fascinating Maya World, and the diverse natural landscape that the ancient ones left behind.

Laid out around cozy but spacious passages and well-groomed gardens and fountains, the accommodations you can find in the Hotel Marina Copan are an evocative reminiscent of an old colonial house. All 49 charmingly appointed rooms and suites are non-smoking zones and feature natural wood ceilings, hand-carved furniture and warm hues, all of it contributing to a peaceful ambiance where our friendly staff will make sure your stay remains a memorable one.


Glifos Restaurant: Despite its discreet location inside Hotel Marina Copan and its cozy, low-key ambiance, Glifos Restaurant is all about exuberance and personality. Glifos has been Copan’s best known eatery for more than two decades, with the promise of a fine-dining experience which has been only perfected through time. This Copan original, opened in 1991, remains a signature eating locale, the epitome of not just its Central American – regional style but also its own character.

Take, for example, the Pollo al Loroco, as described on the menu: ‘Aromatic seasonal Loroco flower and butter contribute to enhance the tenderness and flavor of boneless chicken breasts, embellished with crunchy steamed veggies and rice with local herbs’.

Café Welchez: Just outside Hotel Marina Copan at the corner facing the Central Plaza you will find Cafe Welchez, a nice place to spend some time with friends and enjoy the casual meal and some natural fruit smoothie or perhaps a delicious sweet dessert with a beautifully decorated cappuccino.

Jaguar Venado Bar: Agree with us that everyday is a celebration, and you’re looking for creative and memorable ways to mark the day? You’re not that far out wrong with a traditional and stylish afternoon cocktail – or perhaps a celebratory glass of bubbles.

Jaguar Venado Bar offers a beautifully presented array of cocktails, wines, traditional drinks and snacks. Enjoy our ultimate afternoon experience, where every element is impeccable, the attention to detail is second to none, and the service is optimal in its efficiency.

Amenities of Hotel Marina Copán

• 50 spacious rooms and suites designed in a classic colonial style. All rooms are fully furnished with air conditioning, ceiling fans, cable TV and phone. • The Premium Rooms have been equipped with king size beds. • Our pool is located between the lobby, bar and restaurant. Use of the pool is for hotel guests only. Towels are available at the pool. • A small gymnasium & sauna on the premises is offered. • The Hotel Marina Copan also offers everything a client requires for hosting a conference, wedding, or other group event. • Our facilities include a meeting room, with capacity of up to 150 persons, equipped with: TV monitor, VHS tape player, slide projector & Data Show projector, podium, overhead projector, screen, audio system and copy machine.

  • BAR
  • SPA
  • WI-FI

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• Government taxes of 19% • Additional charges such as telephone, laundry, restaurant, and bar must be paid at checkout time.

 As agents for this hotel, our rates are the same or lower than hotel’s lowest published rates, guaranteed!!! (During Regular Season.)

Things to Do

Copan Maya Ruins Honduras - Travel Guide - Tropical Discovery

Copan Mayan Ruins Honduras Main Attractions

The Main Park Entrance fee includes a visit to the main park as well as the Sepulturas Archaeological site. The Museum is without question a new major attraction to the park. Two different tunnels are open to the public: The “Rosa Lila” Tunnel and the “Los Jaguares” Tunnel. The park has five basic areas of

Hotel Marina Copan

Hotel Marina Copán Copan Mayan Ruins, Honduras

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