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Hotel La Gran Francia

Masaya & Granada
Se Corner Of Central Park | Esquina sureste del Parque Central, Calle El Caimito, Granada, Nicaragua

Located right off the main square of the historical colonial city of Granada, Hotel La Gran Francia is a splendid ancestral building whose existence historians argue dates back to the years immediately following the founding of Granada, in 1524.

Proclaimed Historical Patrimony of the City of Granada, Hotel La Gran Francia is an Architectural Jewel that Exemplifies Nicaraguan Colonial Architecture.

The original construction of the building that would come to be known as Hotel La Gran Francia dates back to the first few years after the founding of the city of Granada, in 1524. This edifice, much more modest than the existing one, was a one-story home.

This architectural jewel was restored during the decade of the 1990’s, recovering the majesty and splendor of its heyday and today housing Granada’s finest hotel. La Gran Francia Colonial Boutique Hotel offers 35 air-conditioned rooms with all modern comforts and amenities, divided in 21 colonial rooms and 14 neo classical rooms, a pool, two restaurants, a bar, and banquet hall facilities. At La Gran Francia you will be able to enjoy the best of Nicaraguan hospitality and all the comforts of modernity while surrounded by the rustic elegance of colonial Granada.

Barney Vaughan, the Nicaraguan entrepreneur who, along with his charismatic wife, Ligia Mendieta, own La Gran Francia, fell in love with the corner building that now houses the hotel’s restaurants and bar when he was a child, during his visits to Granada with the Boy Scouts. It had been his childhood ambition to once own this grand house and do something worthwhile with it. After rescuing the architectural gem from sure destruction after years of abandonment by its former owners, Mr. Vaughan embarked on the ambitious task of carefully restoring it to its olden glory and provide the public a quality hotel, where they would be sure to receive the best in Nicaraguan hospitality.


An elegant full service restaurant with fine French and international cuisine in a romantic ambiance amid an exceptional collection of fine wines, original paintings, art objects and a vaulted cathedral ceiling.

Enjoy the rustic elegance of Colonial Nicaragua and the attentive service of La Gran Francia’s staff at either of our restaurants or our bar. They each offer a distinctive atmospheres in which to enjoy a good meal or just a
refreshing drink:

  • El Arcángel Restaurant
  • La Bodeguita de Arriba
  • La Bartolina Tavern
  • Amenities of Hotel La Gran Francia

    • 21 luxurious rooms equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, private bath with hot water, direct access to international telephone lines & Internet • Mini bar and safety box (in junior suites and suite) • Pool, banquet hall facilities, room service, laundry service • Gourmet restaurant and bar service

    • MINI BAR
    • WI-FI

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    • Breakfast.

    • All taxes 17% • Additional charges such as telephone, laundry, restaurant, and bar must be paid at checkout time.

     As agents for this hotel, our rates are the same or lower than hotel’s lowest published rates, guaranteed!!! (During Regular Season.)

    Things to Do

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    Granada and Masaya Nicaragua Main Attractions

    The Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral, also called Granada Cathedral, is a cathedral of the Catholic Church in Granada, Nicaragua The Church of San Jeronimo (St. Jerome) This church houses the miraculous image of the patron saint of Masaya. Its architecture is simple yet elegant, with one tower on the façade and an apse

    Hotel La Gran Francia

    Hotel La Gran Francia Masaya & Granada, Nicaragua

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