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Barefoot Cay Resort

Bay Islands: Roatan & Utila
Brick Bay Rd, Coxen Hole, Honduras

Barefoot Cay Resort creates a feeling of calm and closeness with nature to a level few have experienced. The small, boutique resort offers just nine charming, luxury accommodations in a private setting with excellent service and modern amenities. Enjoy a romantic getaway or a private retreat. You see the sandy beach and reef out to the open sea and on a clear day, the mountains of mainland Honduras thirty miles away can be seen. Totally secure and comfortable, with a clean, airy design that caters to those who appreciate a good book and hours of uninterrupted quiet. Barefoot Cay Resort is truly an oasis for those who love the tropics.

The Cay is one bead in a necklace of cays between French Harbour and Brick Bay, and is located safely behind the reef, keeping the waters surrounding the Cay calm and protected. The resort is positioned perfectly for the trade winds to create a tropical breeze over the entire cay.

Barefoot Cay Resort is built around a privately owned 4-acre cay, located just off the main road on the south shore of Roatán, the largest of the Bay Islands in the Caribbean.


A full service restaurant is available for guests in the pool cabana, serving a variety of meals that include local specialties such as shrimp, lobster, and fish, as well as chicken and other meats. All meals are offered and can be served either in the cabana or in the guest’s loft, bungalow or villa. Most guests combine having some meals in hotels restaurant, some in their own kitchens, and others at the many restaurants in Roatan area.


Roatan offers a wide variety of interesting adventures, some of which can be self-directed on an individual basis. Reservations are suggested for some of the organized tours and the team of Tropical Discovery will be pleased to assist with your planning and scheduling. Please inquire for more information.

Amenities of Barefoot Cay Resort

• Bungalows and villas have ceiling fans and air conditioned. • Kitchens include an eating bar, full-size refrigerator with ice-maker, microwave oven, stove top, toaster oven, coffee grinder/maker and blender, as well as quality cookware, utensils, and serving ware. A barbecue is also available. The purified water is potable from the tap. • Each bedroom has a 24" TV-DVD-VCR and free cable TV - extensive DVD library. • Satellite Internet is available in your loft, bungalow, or villa on the entire cay, in addition to a hard-wire connection at the desk in every bedroom. • Cell phone for your use with 15 minutes of free calling time for local or international calls.

  • FAN
  • SPA
  • WI-FI

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• Accommodation • Airport transfers • Welcome drink • Transport to/from the cay across the channel, anytime.

• 19% tax • Additional charges such as telephone, laundry, restaurant, and bar must be paid at checkout time.

As agents for this hotel, our rates are the same or lower than hotel’s lowest published rates, guaranteed!!!

Things to Do

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Barefoot Cay Resort

Barefoot Cay Resort Bay Islands: Roatan & Utila, Honduras

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