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  In order to bring you the greatest variety of activities to fully enjoy all of Belize's inland splendor, Tropical Discovery Services & Hidden Valley Inn bring you a great array of activities to enjoy direct from the resort. Adventures abound in the surrounding 300-square-mile Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve and amidst 7200 acres of private reserve all with the regions most trusted and knowledgeable guides. Please check below for Activities offered and Pricing information (12.5% sales tax needs to be added to all tours).  

Please find below tours and activities offered by Hidden Valley Inn:

  • The diversity of birdlife at Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve attracts conservationists and enthusiasts to the area, particularly our large number of raptors. While only 29% of Belize's birdlife has been confirmed in the Hidden Valley Reserve, based on nearby records and research it is most likely half of the bird species population. Duration: 2hrs. Price:50$
  • Price:$135
  • Price: $50
  • 35 miles from the Inn, deep in the Chiquibul Wilderness lies one of the largest sites of the Ancient Mayan world with over 4000 structures spread over 55 square miles: Caracol. Cloaked in a jungle shroud, it is difficult to appreciate the extent of this mighty city. Excavation to date has revealed amongst others the towering temple of Caana (the Sky Palace), Belize's tallest manmade structure. The view from the top over the pristine jungle is breathtaking. Trails have been cut through the surrounding jungle for those interested in observing the wealth of fauna, flora and birdlife that inhabit the area. Included in the day trip to Caracol is also a visit to the Rio Frio Cave, which is open at both ends and arches to 65 feet in its center. A crystal clear stream runs through the cave and glittering stalactites decorate the interior. This is one of the least physically challenging caves in Belize. On the journey back a stop at Rio On Pools, with its numerous clear pools and waterfalls for swimming, makes a refreshing break. Price: $95
  • Drive through a rural Mennonite settlement and traverse several creeks to reach Barton Creek Cave. Here embark on a canoe and glide through the darkness, armed with a spotlight. Your guide will point out various magnificent formations and ancient relics and explain some of the beliefs and rituals of the ancient Maya. A peaceful and relaxing journey into the underworld. Afterwards visit the Green Hills Butterfly Farm where you can observe the life cycle of a butterfly and view close-up the stunning blue-morpho butterfly. This farm exports to all over the world and is one of the most established in Belize. Price: $80
  • Cahal Pech is one of the earliest of the Maya sites found to date. Located 22 miles from Hidden Valley Inn on a hill above the town of San Ignacio lies this small but very well restored site. Architecturally, Cahal Pech is interesting in that the temples were built on top of one and other, for example, beneath several of the Middle Classic structures (500-700 AD) are Late PreClassic structures (300BC-250AD). Restoration on this site includes conservation of the residence complexes, a ball court and two round dance platforms. 25 miles from the Inn on the banks of the Mopan River and 3 miles from San Ignacio lies Xunantunich. A unique hand cranked ferry takes you over the Mopan on the way up to the entrance. The main temple, the 130 ft high El Castillo, is the second tallest temple in Belize and is surrounded by a stone and stuccoed frieze, decorated with Mayan glyphs. Some of these friezes have been restored and others are in their original state. Price: $93
  • Price: $137
  • Price: $125
  • This cave is more physically challenging and can only be visited with one of the local operators. Start with a 45 minute hike, followed by a swim into the cave. An Aladdin's cave of ancient pottery, calcified skulls and skeletons and spectacular formations make the effort worthwhile. Price: $150
  • Price: $150
  • Approximately 3 hours across the border into Guatemala lays one of the greatest of all Classic Mayan cities with its spectacular temples penetrating through the thick jungle canopy. The flora and fauna are almost as spectacular as the temples themselves. Howler monkeys, spider monkeys and coatimundis are seen regularly as well as an abundance of exotic birds. Price: $190
  • Price: $181
  • Zip lining is an areal adventure where guests ride across the jungle canopy attached to cables by two pulleys. It is exhilarating and beautiful way to see the jungle. Zip lining tours begin with safety instructions, and the fitting of your gear including harness and helmet. The course includes several traverses and platforms that take visitors along a picturesque trek across the canopy. One at a time, adventurers are zipped across the cables, caught by a guide on the receiving platform, where they are quickly unsnapped from the cable and have the opportunity to rest before taking off again. On occasion, monkeys can be seen in the canopies. Price: $85
  • Arrangements can be made to provide horseback riding at a number of nearby establishments. The rides vary in length from one hour to full day excursions and visit waterfalls, caves and Mayan ruins in the jungle. Price: $75
  • Price: $150
  • Secluded under the shade of the broadleaf jungle, Secret Falls & Pool are made for a day of relaxation. At the edge of the pool a jungle platform sits, with slate floor, thatched roof and chairs and tables for dining. Hammocks are strung from the trees and you can arrange a champagne and white linen picnic for two. Spend the day in languor, swimming under the 30 foot falls, climbing the surrounding rocks, dining, resting and enjoying the day utterly undisturbed. Secret Falls can be rented for your private use. Price: $68
  • This is a guided tour of the different waterfalls and viewpoints within the private reserve and may include 1000 ft falls. The tour is tailor made to suit the individual and includes the 6 stops of your choice. Price: Half day: $40. Price: Full day: $75
  Please note:
  • Prices exclude 12.5% sales tax.
  • All tours originate from the Hidden Valley Inn. Licensed tour guides conduct all tours.
  • 2 person minimun
  • Prices do not include entrance fees to sites / site-specific guide (where applicable), visa & border fees (Tikal trip) and guide gratuities.
  • Please contact us for group booking rates (5 people or more), private vehicle rates or tailor made tours.

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