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Chimino’s Island Lodge

Tikal & Peten

Enjoy the most pristine jungle, as natural as it gets! Your senses flow by the overwhelming nature all around. The Last Mayan Outpost is a fortified artificial island built by the ancient Maya to defend themselves during the terminal period of their occupation in this region. Each of the bungalows is perfectly blended into the rain-forest and several hundred feet away from each other, so you can enjoy your own private jungle and the fascinating views of the Petexbatún lagoon. Chiminos Island Lodge, an impeccable setting that goes beyond what you may expect to find in the middle of the jungle.


Prepare yourself to experience the finest cuisine in the jungle! Our hostess is a fine chef and cooks recipes cherished by generations but enriched with others shared by our guests. You may want to dine a blanco, fresh of the day, prepared by our hostess grilled or baked in wine and fine herbs or, if on a diet, you can enjoy a fresh salad or her already famous cucumber soup. Her husband and his helpers will guide you and take care of your needs in a friendly manner with the typical Guatemalan hospitality.


At Chiminos Island Lodge you can combine your ecological and archaeological interests with the opportunity to relax in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. On-site activities include fishing, swimming, canoeing and bird-watching. You can also hit the hiking trails that take you into the jungle and to the Mayan Citadel. It’s almost like being the discoverer of this Mayan site! Different tours to nearby Mayan Sites are also available and recommended. The region has been under heavy investigation by famous archaeologist Arthur Demarest, Takeshi Inomata and their colleagues during the Petexbatun Archaeological Project.


The comfortable bungalows are fitted with its own water treatment plant, private bathroom and hot water. You can enjoy the lobby with hammocks and a relaxing view of the lagoon, the bar and the new floating dock, perfect for sun-bathing, swimming fishing, or just relaxing after an intense day of eco-archaeological adventure.

Amenities of Chimino’s Island Lodge


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• Tourism and VAT Tax of 22% • Full board (lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner) included in price as well as visit to the Punta de Chiminos site, use of canoes, fishing rods and walk through the pathways within the premises

• • Additional charges such as telephone, laundry, restaurant, and bar must be paid at checkout time.

Things to Do

Tikal and Peten Region - Main Attractions - Tropical Discovery

Main Attractions in Tikal and Peten Region, Guatemala

Ceibal Plaza Ceibal This archaeological site is 12 kilometers east from the municipal district of Sayaxché. It is located near La Pasión River, at 220 meter above sea level. Ceibal was the largest settlement during the Late Classical Period and had great power over the west margin of the river due to its favorable location,

Chiminos Island Lodge

Chimino’s Island Lodge Tikal & Peten, Guatemala

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