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Bahia Taitza Hotel

Tikal & Peten
Barrio el Porvenir, San Jose, Peten 17002, Guatemala
3:00 pm
1:00 pm

Located in the rainforest region of Petén in Guatemala, and on the shores of lake Petén Iztá in San José, Bahia Taitza Hotel is an ideal place to appreciate the beauty of a natural environment, with its almost 12,000 square meters and about 200 meters of beach, enjoy the adventure and all the mysticism of the Mayan culture. Taitzá, the mythological character that brought the Mayas back to Petén from Chichén Itzá through the Camino Real, never though that his whim for princess Sacnité would make him repopulate Petén about 100 years before the Spanish encounter. San José is the closest relative to this first migration, making it the only representative of the Maya Itzá culture in Petén. Bahia Taitza Hotel lies 6 km away from Ruinas de Uaxactun. The property is in a 5-minute walk to San Jose city center, a proud town, full of customs, peace, and clean beautiful beaches.


Rich and healthy are two descriptions of the cuisine of Bahia Taitza Hotel. You could eat a delicious lasagna or steak, seafood, salads, lots of seasonal fruits and house specialties such as a paella or a pizza made in an artisan oven. You can also enjoy a delicious fruit smoothie, a beer, or a cocktail from the bar, while enjoying a movie or a big game.

3:00 pm
1:00 pm

Amenities of Bahia Taitza Hotel

  • BAR
  • FAN

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Tourism and VAT Tax of 22%

• • Additional charges such as telephone, laundry, restaurant, and bar must be paid at checkout time.

Things to Do

Tikal and Peten Region - Main Attractions - Tropical Discovery

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Bahia Taitza Hotel

Bahia Taitza Hotel Tikal & Peten, Guatemala

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