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Midas Resort Cayo District Belize

Midas Resort is a rainforest setting within a 7 minute walk from the Town Center of San Ignacio and a 30 minute walk from Cahal Pech archaeological site.

avg/night$48.00 SELECT
Hotel del Patio

Hotel del Patio Tikal & Peten Guatemala

Located on Santa Elena Petén, the Del Patio provides guests with a colonial atmosphere which blends itself perfectly with the convenience and comfort of the XXI century.

avg/night$60.00 SELECT
Hotel Plaza Copan

Hotel Plaza Copan Copan Mayan Ruins Honduras

It is strategically located to explore the Mayan ruins and the natural attractions of the Copán Valley.

avg/night$65.00 SELECT
Casa Duranta

Casa Duranta Verapaces Region Guatemala

The hotel represents the comfort and peace that every traveler needs.

avg/night$70.00 SELECT
Hacienda Tijax

Hacienda Tijax Rio Dulce, Lake Izabal & Caribbean Coast Guatemala

A place where you can get in touch with nature and enjoy the peacefulness of the Rio Dulce and the tropical jungle while staying at our cozy and environment responsible ecolodge.

avg/night$73.00 SELECT

Hotel Campo Verde Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

The Campo Verde is a new hotel located just in front of the Arenal Volcano, 10 minutes North West from La Fortuna.

avg/night$75.00 SELECT
Hotel Colonial

Hotel Colonial Masaya & Granada Nicaragua

Hotel Colonial is an old colonial house located in the heart of this magical city.

avg/night$75.00 SELECT
La Islita Boutique Hotel

La Islita Boutique Hotel Masaya & Granada Nicaragua

La Islita Boutique Hotel in Granada, Nicaragua is the one of the newest and most comfortable boutique hotels in the heart of the town’s colonial historic center.

avg/night$76.00 SELECT

Hacienda Guachipelin Northern Guanacaste Costa Rica

Hacienda Guachipelín Hotel, next to Rincón de la Vieja National Park in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, is a true ecotourism lodge for adventure and nature lovers.

avg/night$78.00 SELECT

D’Leyenda Hotel La Antigua Valley Guatemala

D' Leyenda Hotel is located in the center of town, a few steps away from the Main Plaza of La Antigua, Guatemala. It was designed using details taken from Antigua’'s colonial architecture.

avg/night$80.00 SELECT
Luna Beach Resort

Luna Beach Resort Bay Islands: Roatan & Utila Honduras

The resort offers a perfect alternative for the traveler looking to get away from the crowds and still enjoy nightlife.

avg/night$82.00 SELECT
Meson de Maria

El Mesón de María La Antigua Valley Guatemala

El Mesón de María” provides a relaxed and refined atmosphere; located in the heart of la Antigua Guatemala.

avg/night$85.00 SELECT
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