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Tropical Discovery is an inbound tour operator specializing in high end “á la carte” private tours in Central America.

Why Central America?

Because you’ll find a tour of the area’s inspiring diversity incomparable! With 22 eco-systems, Caribbean crystal clear waters, deep blue Pacific Ocean, dense tropical rainforests, dozens of picture perfect volcanoes, pine-covered mountains, over 2000 Mayan archeological sites, breathtaking lakes, rivers, caves, lagoons, desolate islands, and much more to offer for your perfect Central America vacations.

Our in-country team will serve you from beginning to end providing you expert vacation planning advice and booking all travel services for you at no additional cost. Once in the country, our team will serve your every need, so you can relax and truly enjoy every minute of your carefree Central America vacations.

Our Featured Itineraries

We’re truly dedicated to make your Central America vacations experience as much simple and fun as possible

Exclusive deals

Our team is the one who will receive you in Central America; hence you are dealing directly with the source. This in return means lower costs for you and excellent personalized service.

Call Within USA

You can call us in the US or Guatemala to do all the reservation work for you.

On Site Advisors

As experts in the Central American region, we can provide valuable advice.

SSL Encryption

Most secured transactions and data protection when booking online.

First Class Service

We’ll be providing you the perfect Central America vacations experience taking care of every need or situation that may arise.

The Best Accommodation

In each one of our Central America vacations packages we include the greatest selection of hotels, spas, villas, guides and private transportation.

Awesome Destinations

Be awed by the world’s most impressive Mayan sites and nature diversity in our selected Central America vacations packages

Carefree Central America Vacations

Book with us and you will get expert advice and timely professional service until the end of your vacations, doesn’t matter which Central America vacations packages you choose.

Tell us where you would like to go.

Amazing 31 Central America vacations packages to choose from or we can personalize one just for you!

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From our Blog: Because you need to know more about your dream destination !

Tropical Discovery is happy to present you a range of regularly updated articles on various countries of Central America to give you the opportunity to learn more about the traditions, cultural diversity, natural wonders, and other topics of interest to this beautiful region of the world.

It is our job to provide unbiased advice in order to best cater to your exact needs and interests. In addition we have prepared a few Central America vacations packages with day to day descriptions and images as a good startup point for your perfect tour.

The perfect holiday experience! Discover Central America in a new and exciting way!

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